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Short C.V. of the members of associates of 4p architects® architectural office.


4p architects® team members also seek to provide service to other architects engineers – colleagues, construction companies, in terms of architectural – structural study and design, or drafting, consulting, sales promotion. 4p architects® are also interested in architectural or design competitions that take place in Greece or abroad, in collaboration with other offices or individual architects.


All web pages, in this site, aim to inform about 4p architects®, activities and capabilities. 4p architects® have no responsibility about the possibility of errors, or lack of information as a result of design flaw, or bad displaying of the web pages on the Internet browser.

Some webpages in this site may show buildings, (designed or built by 4p architects®, design team) that are occupied by companies, firms, or trademark owners. In no case those pages can be considered to advertise any companies or trademarks displayed.