About Us


4p architects® is a design team that undertakes private and public building projects. It is staffed by qualified engineers with many years and rich experience in the design, supervision and construction of buildings which have in their assets dozens of structures mainly in Attica, but also in Crete and the Cyclades.

The basic principle and aspiration of our office is:

“the complete and integrated study of the project at all levels and its perfect construction execution as preconditions for aesthetic perfection

and the increased functionality and ergonomics of the final project to its advantage

of people-users but also of the environment “.

The continuous effort to achieve the above quality goal has solid foundations in the structure of our office but also in its own members who belong to the same family, thus ensuring a very high degree of cooperation and efficiency under any conditions and special requirements.

The support provided to the clients and partners of the 4π architects® office is continuous. From the drafting of the preliminary design-proposal that will develop further with the completion of the final study (which includes the plans of the urban planning permit and the complete construction plans – details) to the supervision of the construction of the project, there is close monitoring of the progress that is always made in consultation and in collaboration with the employer – project owner.

This website is a product of the collective effort of the 4π architects® office and aims to inform anyone interested. There are detailed data about the already implemented work of our office, the activities that are in progress, our future plans as well as possibilities of communication and cooperation with the executives of our office.