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4p architects® (:4pi architects) is an architectural firm established in Athens-Greece that undertakes the designing and construction of private and public buildings, in Greece mainly in Athens - Attica, island of Crete and the other Greek islands. 4p architects® team members are graduated architects with substantial and extensive experience in building design, in site-supervision of the construction project and in accommodating client's needs and demands towards the successful accomplishment of the desired result.


Our main principle and primary objective can be described as follows:
 "complete and throughout -at all extents- study of the client's case and careful,

in-time schedule construction as necessary conditions for high quality

and superior ergonomic standards of the building project as a whole,

for the benefit of the individual user of the building residence

but also for the benefit of the environment".


4p architects®continuous efforts towards the previous target have solid foundation that relies in our office structure but also in the team members that belong to the same family. Thus a high degree of cooperation and efficiency is maintained under all circumstances and special  demands of the client.


Complete and constant support is supplied to our clients or cooperatives. From the initial design to the final study and during the construction of the project there is close 'surveillance' of the building but also of any detail as a whole, supervising the progress already made and post-notifying next steps that follows. This is accomplished through  constant communication (agreement, conversation, exchange of thought) between 4p architects® and the owner - client.


The purpose of this web site is to inform anyone interested to use our services.  A list of present completed works (described in photographs, plans, rendered images and video), a summary of future projects being designed now and more detailed aspects of our work and designs, can be found in this site's contents.


Street Address

12 Bouboulinas Str. P.O. Box 15341 Agia Paraskevi, Athens Greece


+30 210 6541101


+30 210 6541114



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